It can be defined as female type breast enlargement in male patients. It is not a health-threatening disease but a condition that requires treatment in terms of psychological effects. Although there is no definite cause, it is known that hormonal disorders and excessive weight gain can be effective. The type that develops due to hormonal causes is defined as glandular gynecomastia and the mammary glands grow excessively. It is usually seen after puberty. The type that develops due to excess weight is the lipomatous type and there is growth in adipose tissue.

It is an operation performed under general anesthesia lasting approximately 1 hour. There are different techniques according to the size of the breast. It is based on the removal of excess fat tissue and then glandular tissue by liposuction method. After the surgery, patients are required to wear a corset for 3 weeks. Patients can return to their daily lives within 2-3 days.

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