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Considering the privacy of our female patients, genital deformities are the problems that are complained about but cannot be expressed. When these are accompanied by sexual problems, they are accompanied by functional psychological and general health problems.
All surgical operations, including rhinoplasty, require dedication and meticulousness. Compared to the conditions of the old times, aesthetic operations are performed more easily and comfortably with today's medical technology.After deciding to have a rhinoplasty, necessary research should be done for pre and post operation processes.
Mesotherapy is the treatment of certain disorders by injecting vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes and other bioactive substances under the skin. It is a medical procedure also used for aesthetic purposes. It can be applied in almost every part of the human body. It is optional for various purposes.
Mammaplasty is a surgical operation that is becoming more common day by day. It is divided into types such as reduction, augmentation and uplift. The basis of these applications is to achieve a more aesthetic appearance of the breast structure and to balance the body structure and breast proportion.
There is a lot of misinformation about aesthetic surgery that is becoming widespread day by day.