Tummy Tuck

It is a surgery in which the abdominal tissue cannot be reduced despite liposuction, excess skin tissue is removed and the abdominal wall is shaped. It should not be perceived as a simple operation considering the combination with liposuction and the recovery period.

Since it is a frequently requested procedure after the pregnancy period and is an important part of the mummy makeover, the decision of this surgery should be taken after the plastic surgeon control at least 6 months after delivery.

Likewise, pregnancy is not recommended in the near future after surgery. If pregnancy is considered again afterwards, the operation should be postponed. After the operation, there is a horizontal longitudinal scar under the bikini area and the scar is hidden under the underwear due to the technique of the operation. The patient wears a corset for at least 2 weeks and recovers and returns to her daily life within this period.

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