Hand Surgeries

It includes hand injuries that usually occur as a result of workplace accidents and traffic accidents. Vascular nerve tendon injuries resulting from these injuries are repaired according to the anatomy and function of the hand. However, the rate of return of function after these repairs varies according to the size of the injury and the damage. The restoration of the function of the repaired hand depends especially on the patient's compliance and continuation of physical therapy after surgery. Recovery of nerve damage is a long process (6 months to 1 year) and may be irreversible depending on the level of damage.

In cases of multiple finger loss and total limb loss, a team experienced in microsurgery performs a procedure called 'replantation'. This process involves the repair of all structures of the limb such as bone vessels, nerves and muscles. The adaptation and retention of the replanted organs varies depending on the fact that the severed part is not crushed and that the vascular nerve structures are not crushed and creased. If the patient is a smoker, this significantly decreases the likelihood of the replanted organ holding.

*** Hand injuries and tissue loss caused by injuries to other body parts, open wounds that cannot be closed are the subject of plastic surgery, where reconstructive surgery and reconstructive microsurgery come into play. Closure with skin patch (graft), local tissue transplants and free tissue transplants is applied gradually according to the preference of the plastic surgeon.

Apart from these, congenital hand anomalies (conjoined finger, excess finger), Dupuytren's disease and nerve compression surgeries (carpal tunnel syndrome) are also hand surgery interventions performed by plastic surgery.

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