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In August 2021, I had my breast reduction surgery with Mr. Ahmet Körmutlu. I wanted to have it because I had back pain for years and could not find clothes to wear. 7 months have passed since the surgery and there are almost no scars, I wanted to share with you the freedom to wear whatever I want and the happiness that comes with the relief of my pain. Dear friends; First of all, we have a lot of hesitations in such operations, but Mr. Ahmet enlightened me on every subject and I had a very successful operation. You can apply without hesitation. I will always be grateful to Mr. Ahmet Körmutlu for his sensitive attention to the patient's psychology and for informing me about everything during the recovery process without ever passing it off. I wish everyone healthy days.
I reached Mr. Ahmet because of skin cancer. I had a pimple on my face. I went to Mr. Ahmet because it needed to be removed. The operation was very comfortable. I am normally afraid of hospitals and doctors. Mr. Ahmet approached me very well. He treated me like my son. May God bless him, he restored me to my health. I wish more doctors were like him.
I went to Mr. Ahmet on recommendation for blepharoplasty. His approach and behavior to the patient was very good. The operation was very successful. I am also very pleased with the result. He approached very rigorously and sensitively. He gave detailed information about the process. He is a very successful doctor that I can always reach by phone. I can sincerely recommend him.